What are the documents required for Capital One Credit Card?

If you are planning to apply for a Capital One creed or card there are certain mandatory documents that you will need handy. These documents include your personal details too.

  1. Social security number.
  2. Name
  3. Date of birth (DOB)
  4. Your permanent residential address with a P.O box number.
  5. Gross income and source of your income including details of your savings or checking account.

Capital One uses this information for verification purposes.

Can you add an authorized user of your acquaintance to the card?

Yes, Capital One helps you with the facility to add users to your card. You can do it on your own or call the customer care number provided at the back of your Capital One credit card. Before you go any further it is important to know that you have to be both the primary and the secondary cardholder. You also need to have the power of attorney or manager of a small business to add a user on your card. Lastly, you cannot add a user at the time of application. Once you have received your card can you file an application to add a user? Capital One does not provide any co-application option at the time of credit card application, so, you will have to wait until you physically receive the card to add a user.

How to check your credit card status post application?

After you have applied, online or through phone, it is a general norm that Capital One calls you within a minute of your application. This call informs you about the status of your card. If you don’t receive a call, there are chances that you need to provide Capital One with extra information, including reservation number and access code. For further query, you can always call the customer support  1-800-903-9177 anytime. 

When will you receive your card?

If your application is approved your card should be at your doorsteps in 7-10 working days. With the card, you’ll receive a welcome kit with information regarding your credit card. If you apply for a MasterCard, there is a certain minimum fee that you need to pay before the shipping process begins. Once you have paid, it takes 7-10 working days to deliver. 

How is your payment applied?

Capital One follows certain guidelines for payment application. The lowest APR gets the maximum payment and then applied to the highest APR. If you exceed your minimum payment, the amount is diverted to higher APR.

Has your card being declined and you don’t know the reason?

In cases where your card is declined and you don’t get a secure letter or you can’t access it, you can get in touch with Capital One and ask for a valid reason. If your card is declined Capital zone generally notifies you through mail or a call. But if you still have queries you can call on 1-800-903-9177 and request for the details.


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